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Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra Symbology

The meaning of the Heart Chakra symbol is:

  • The 12 petals represent these 12 vrittis or the fluctuations of the mind: 1. lustfulness; 2. fraudulence; 3. indecision; 4. repentance; 5. hope; 6. anxiety; 7. longing; 8. impartiality; 9. arrogance; 10. incompetency; 11. discrimination; 12. an attitude of defiance
  • The center symbol is the letter for YAM the bija mantra
  • The two triangles represents the descent of spirit and the ascent of matter combined as Shiva and Shakti are united within the heart. The 6 points represent the other chakras which integrates at this center.

Heart Chakra General Information

  • The location of the Heart Chakra is the center of the chest.
  • The Element & energy of the Heart Chakra is Air & gas energy state.
  • The Color of the Heart Chakra is bright Green.
  • The Body parts & Organs controlled by the Heart Chakra are the lungs, heart, arms, hands, mid-back, circulatory system and the thymus gland.
  • The Sense related to the Heart Chakra is Touch.
  • The Sounds that activate the Heart Chakra are the Bija mantra Yam and the vowel sound ‘ay’ as in play.
  • The Psychical areas related to the Heart Chakra are Love resulting in peace, acceptance, compassion, balanced emotions, open-hearted, desire for love, empathetic, self-loving, altruistic, good immune system.
  • The challenge of the Heart Chakra is sadness or Grief from the feelings of loss of relationships ended or the perception of being hurt by another.
  • The identity and rights of the Heart Chakra are the Social identity and the right ‘to love’
  • The physical malfunctions that can occur from a closed or imbalanced Heart Chakra are the disorders of the heart, lungs, thymus, breasts, arms; shortness of breath; sunken chest; circulation problems; asthma; immune system deficiency; tension between shoulder blades pain in chest.
  • The yoga poses that can be used to activate and heal the Heart Chakra are the back bending poses – fish, camel, bow, cobra, wheel bridge, and full pigeon.
  • A variety of meditations can help open up the heart to the love of self and other.
  • The Mudra to support your heart chakra is the Apan Vayu Mudra – Lifesaver Mudra – bend your index finger and let its tip touch the ball of your thumb. At the same time, the tips of the middle and ring finger touch the tip of your thumb. Extend your little finger. It helps with healing and strengthening the heart. Helps with relaxation.
  • The Essential oils that can help to balance the love of self and others are rose, geranium, palmarosa, neroli, elemi, melissa, hyssop, rosewood, chamomile, ylang ylang, galbanum, angelica and jasmine. Other essential oils that ease heartache and calm the circulatory system when there is tightness or palpitations are angelica, marjoram, hyssop, lavender, neroli, melissa, rose, chamomile, ylang ylang and jasmine. The essential oils that can help the respiratory system when shortness of breath or a feeling of tightness occurs are eucalyptus, cajuput, peppermint, rosemary, rose, chamomile, marjoram, sandalwood, frankincense and hyssop.
  • Other healing practices to help heal or bring balance to the Heart Chakra are Reiki Biofield Healing for clearing out the old hurt of past relationships; Daily use of Heart Chakra affirmations and examining belief about relationships; Examine assumptions about relationships; emotional release of grief; inner child work; codependency work, self-acceptance.

Behavior Characteristics

The Characteristics of a Balanced Heart Chakra: 


The Expression of a Stressed Heart Chakra

Codependency (focusing too much on others)
Poor boundaries – not able to say no
Being a martyr and pleaser

Healing the Stressed Heart Chakra:

  • Work on third and fifth chakra of creating strength of will and speaking your truth.
  • With too much air we can feel like we’re ‘walking on clouds’. Keep grounded and attend to daily business.
  • Meditations on the Heart Chakra to sooth the stresses of old hurts.
  • Reiki Biofield clearing sessions to clear out the energetic imprints of old relationship traumas. 

The Expression of a Deficient Heart Chakra

Lack of empathy
Fear of intimacy

Healing the closed Heart Chakra:

  • Gratitude invites the heart to open. Realize how much we are given in life is to be flooded with divine love. Use Gratitude meditations as a daily practice. 
  • Forgiveness frees the heart from the past so it can move forward into the present and future.
  • Physically – opening the chest and stimulating the meridians in the arms and expanding and deepening the breath.
  • Feng shui (Vastu) – make sure the air circulates well. Have cross-ventilating windows to allow the breeze to blow. Move furniture to allow the flow of energy through the house. Spaciousness is important – clear clutter. Round shapes and the colors of the sky represent air. 

Understanding the Heart Chakra An Interview with Sherry Schreck

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